Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reading at Grimey's with Will Kimbrough!

The good people of Grimey's Records in Nashville made this possible. Here's a recording of the show from August 14, 2008. There's a couple of places where I may have stretched the facts a little bit in a belabored shot at being funny, but I think the truth is served. Also, when Will Kimbrough comes back to the mic late in the show, he mentions that when he met Richard Thompson, RT was the soul of human kindness. I agree with him, although it's inaudible on the tape (I'd already walked away from the mic), pointing out that I doubt Thompson or Linda Thompson Kenis were avoiding me out of spite, but more likely because I was asking them to discuss one of the most painful times in their lives.

Quick addendum: fellow 33 1/3 author John "The Who Sell Out" Dougan showed up. The guy is awesome, as is his book. Go buy it!

(Press the Play button below to hear the recording.)

Will Kimbrough burning up "Shoot Out The Lights"

Fat guy attempts jokes, bores friends and strangers:


Anonymous said...

Is that you prompting with lyrics in Shoot Out the Lights? Oh, and by the way, that is an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL version of Walking On A Wire. Man!
Mrs. Obscurity

Hayden Childs said...

That is me. Unfortunately, I think I prompted him with the first line of the third verse instead of the second. Not my best moment.